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, jack andraka who started googling ways to prevent cancer after losing a friend to the disease and look where it took him. jack andraka's science project doesn't sound like a high school sophomore's crowning acheesmed. it sounds more like a nobel prize winner. >> pancreatic, ovarian, and lung, but also-- >> axelrod: costs how much. >> three cent. >> axelrod: three cents and takes how long? >> five minute to run. >> axelrod: that's right. after a close friend died from pancreatic cancer, this 16-year-old from crownsville, maryland unleeshed his hyperdrive intellect on preventing more cancer deaths. >> it's 168 times faster over 26,000 times less expensive and over 400 times more sensitive than the current methods of diagnosis. >> axelrod: he tinkered in his room and using information readily available on line, he came up with a new way to detect cancer. >> all pancreatic cancers are diagnosed late when someone has less than a 2% chance of survival and our current test costs $800 per test and misses 30% of all pancreatic cancers. >> axelrod: his innovative mind got him a shout-out at the
abc they compiled the 50 most popular women on the web. this is per google searches. very interesting. for example, four out of the top five, only have one name. but there is one interesting one. let me read them, lady gaga, keisha, madonna, beyonce, found out she's pregnanters. rihanna, britney spears and justin bieber. this is the most popular women on the web. if you review the searches, it comes up with, yeah. that guy. >> that's bob's friend. >> okay, go ahead. >> this morning i run into my very good friend trace adkins. look at the picture, who is a huge fan of "the five," i'm a huge fan of trace adkins. he says, tell kimberly guilfoyle i said hi. sunday night trace will be on the live final d of "celebrity apprentice," am sunday night, i'm going to go to this thing. it will be fantastic, he's up against penn gillette. i'm going to do it right here. team trace. >> there you go. i'm going to answer another question. did i ever contact martha stewart for a date? the answer is no, i didn't, because i was in no mood to go antique, which she likes to do, or go to museums,
on twitter and on google, plus look for @mariabartiromo. >>> here is a look at the news that may move the markets and impact your money. home depot, hp, target and sears. on monday, united continental will begin flying the 787 dreamliner once again. and on tuesday, microsoft is set to debut the next generation xbox. on wednesday ben bernanke will testify on the central bank's economic outlook before congress. that same day, the fomc minutes from its meeting earlier this month will be released. also on wednesday, existing home sales figures come out for the month of april. the new homeales figures will also follow on thursday. >>> and finally today, that cup of joe keeps getting more and more eensive. but it is worth more than half a million dollars? it was to onenynonymous bidder who paid $610,000 to have a coffee date with apple ceo tim cook at the company headquarters. charity buzz, which helps nonprofits raise donations, kicked off the auction back in april with a starting bid of $50,000. the majority ofhe proceeds will benefit the robert f. kennedy center for justice and human rig
, no change at all. google glass has not even hit the store shelves yet but has already raised concern in washington. congressional leaders as caboodle's chief about privacy concerns with the new technology. no word from google but shares at $909. facebook a year ago monday, shares down very cents, 26 right now. we have a lot to talk about. the irs hearing this, charles and monica, back in a moment. i want to make things more secure. [ whirring ] [ dog barks ] i want to treat mo dogs. ♪ our business needs more cases. [ male announcer ] where do you want to take your business? i need help selling art. [ male announcer ] from broadband to web hosting to mobile apps, small business solutions from at&t have the security you need to get you there. call us. we can show you how at&t solutions can help you do what you do... even better. ♪ from capital one... boris earns unlimited rewards for hismall business. can i get the smith contract, ease? thank you. that's three new paper shredders. [ boris ] put 'em on my spark card. [ garth ] boris' small business earns 2% cash back on every pchase
they'll decide if she will get the death penalty. on thursday, google's annual conference. the conference kicks off in san francisco. hundreds of the world's top developers will gather to share new products, games, apps that they'll roll out in the coming months. on thursday, the hearing in boston. one of the three friends accused of helping marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. last week he posted bond. he is now on house arrest. >>> saturday, where the fun begins. the preakness stakes. the colt who won the kentucky derby earlier this month, he's going for the second leg in the coveted triple crown. only 11 horses have won the triple crown, none since 1978. of course, we'll always be rooting for that. >>> obama care front and center on capitol hill. paul steinhauser has more on this busy political week ahead. paul? >> good morning, brianna. the house of representatives is expected to repeal the affordable care act, better known as obama care. the republican-controlled house has voted more than 30 times to repeal parts or all of the health care measure since it was p
're also in touch with his family. >> we did research on google this morning. this is the first time do me a solid, has been used in american diplomacy. >>> let's bring in abc's martha raddatz, our chief global affairs correspondent, sitting in for george stephanopoulos on "this week." what are your sortsurces in the white house think about rodman's diplomacy? >> a lot of mu diplomatic phrases never heard before. last time he went over there, kim jong-un threatened to launch the missiles. we had a diplomatic crisis for months. so, i don't think dennis rodman did much good last time. of course, everybody is hoping that the american is released, if den mnis rodman can do something, that's great. but nobody is counting on it. >> the controversy over that attack on the american outpostin benghazi gets more intense, what's the potential fallout for hillary clinton, the former secretary of state that may run for president in 2016? >> that's so far away. but it will certainly be something that people will look at. it may be far away, 2016. but this could very likely follow her into a presidential
. download it for free from the amazon app store and on google play. free alarm clock app is also available if you have an i-phone. good morning america is up next. happy mother's day, everyone! see you again at nine. >>> good morning, america. this morning, the never-before-seen dramatic moment cleveland police break through the door of the house of horrors to rescue two of the women held hostage there for a decade. >>> the sinking subdivision. the earth gobbling up houses. people who live there panicking and fleeing. what is causing this slow-motion disaster? and can it be stopped? >>> dribble diplomacy. ex-nba star, dennis rodman is planning his second trip to north korea. find out what he wants his friend, kim jong-un to do. and why is he lashing out at president obama? >>> and the teenage girl who loves twitter and hates to have her tv shows ruined. so, now, she's made an app for that. this morning, we meet the inventor of twivo.
with ads. i think if you google scott shane, you can find it. you can find it in the old database and that kind of thing. that kind of certainly gave me an exposure and interest in the area. like many reporters at 9/11 it seemed like for a while everybody was working on national security and then i stuck with it. wrote a lot about the anthrax letters in case people remembered elite in 2001. after coming to the times in 2004, i wrote a great deal about sort of the cia and the bush interrogation detention. all of lot about target killing and drone strikes. >> john kiriakou's story after you wrote about it and brian ross all the interviews, it seems that some organizations picked up on it and just covered it are like russia today. russia today with anti-american bias if you watch it. i want to show you, they did actual party that was held before joh kison. i don't know if you seen this. i will run a little bit of it and have you comment on the violent and the code pink folks were there. [video clip] >> today he will check into the federal corrections institution in le -- laredo, pe
$30 million in commitments and pledges to bring the super bowl to the bay area. >> google, apple, hewlett- packard and yahoo. 25% of the pledges go towards youth programs and programs programs and charities. >> the corporations are getting lot out of this. it will bring in hundreds of millions of dollars. >> reporter: san francisco submitted their bid on ipad minis donated by apple for the owners. contrast that with the america's cup race that struggled to close a $20 million fundraising gap. >> america's cup had the challenge of introducing a new support. we are used to the super bowl in the bay area. america's cup host is different. >> reporter: university of california at berkeley professor says with a new 49ers stadium and winning teams the timing is right for the bay area. he cautions super bowl benefits often don't materialize after the 4th quarter. >> promises are made that are at best transitory and don't end up adding up to the kinds of benefits that will take place. >> reporter: san francisco's coittee has 15 minutes to convince national football league owners next tues
how much data you want to have tracked. send it back to you. >> if you use google, you might get a lot more electronic elbow room, in fact you are going to get it. the mountain view based company is making a big play in the lucrative storage business, think data here, tripling the amount of space users have, you'll now get 15 gigabits. >>> how about this? another kind of currency, today online shopping giant amazon launched what it calls amazon coin. a virtual way to pay for things online, for now 500 amazon coins will cost you $5. you can use them to pie for apps and games in amazon's app store. >>> will the bay area be hosting the super bowl in 2016? >> a live look at the construction of what do we call it now? >> levi's. >> so far everything's going well, but it's not just the stadium today the bay area super bowl bid just got sweeter. >> for all the talk, the lobbying and the fundraising, the bay area's bid for super bowl 50 comes down to roughly the quarter of a football game. >> if we fly to boston on sunday and we present on tuesday. so a week from tomorrow we'll know if we have
this afternoon that it has raised $30 million from big name companies. google, apple, hp, the gap among those donating to the cause. the money will pay for police, exparansportation. >> we're proud to join forces to make super bowl 50 the best ever with 25% of all fund raising dollars going to improve the lives of children living in poverty in our community. >> the bid committee will present the final proposal to nfl owners in boston next week. miami seems to be the bay area's main challenger. >> three firefighters suffered minor injuries while trying to fight a fire this afternoon in alameda. it was at a victorian home. nearby residents had to be evacuated. no word on what sparked the fire. >> a man who tried to break up a fight paid with his life. it was at a popular turnoff off of grizzly peak boulevard. silva tried to break up a fight among three different groups of people. 30 minutes later, somebody who had been in that fight came back and shot santana silva while he was sitting in his car. >> four people were arrested early this morning during a police rave in albany. the activists had
on and join the gap and google and apple and the hewlett-packard and yahoo and intel and the the gates of the world and i could go on and on. >>reporter: the 30 million dollar is twice what they expected they would have at this point in the game. he thinks it will cost about 40 million to host the superbowl song continues. in san francisco along the embarcadero, abc 7 news. >> still to come. this monday evening abc 7 news has new evidence that marin county oyster farm has been the victim of what some call scientific misconduct on the part of the u.s. government. >> haven't you done enough. >> protestors versus protestor. planting crop turn up the seed of anger today. >> spencer is hereweather. >> here in the weather center inland warm-up tomorrow. but temperatures will plummet towards the end of the week. i have the accu-weather 7 day forecast come up shortly. >> this the is literally the most creative place in the city on friday or saturday night. >> and san francisco is now [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over fo
is getting a boost from silican valley. they've gotten bids from google, apple, hewlett packard. the goal is to host the super bowl in 2015 or 2016. >>> after declaring the inaugural body festival, organizers are already planning for next year. you can now buy presale tickets for bottle rock 2015. it'll be on mother's day weekend once again but only three days instead of five. up to 150,000 people saw more than 60 bands from wednesday through sunday. and organizers say they did not have any major problems. >>> it's windy offshore right now. windy out at the beach. fog free at this hour but the frog is coming back. let me show you what we have. the winds are coming offshore pretty fast right now and they're blowing up into the outer richmond and inner richmond area. this is out by west portal. 50degrees just west of there. at the cliff house it's 54 degrees. it's pretty chilly on the other side of town. here's the story as the weather system goes. this low pressure center right here as it bumps up against the coast is going to increase the fog. it's already done that. it's already gotten r
silican valley. they've gotten bids from google, apple, hewlett packard. the goal is to host the super bowl in 2015 or 2016. >>> after declaring the inaugural body festival, organizers are already planning for next year. you can now buy presale tickets for bottle rock 2015. it'll be on mother's day weekend once again but only three offive. up to 150,000 people saw more than 60 bands from wednesday through sunday. and organizers say they did not have any major problems. >>> it's windy offshore right now. windy out at the beach. fog free at this hour but the frog is coming back. let me show you what we have. the winds are coming offshore pretty fast right now and they're blowing up into the outer richmond and inner richmond area. this is out by west portal. 50degrees just west of there. at the cliff house it's 54 degrees. it's pretty chilly on the other side of town. here's the story as the weather system goes. this low pressure center right here as it bumps up against the coast is going to increase the fog. it's already done that. it's already gotten rid of the fog but it should support
you to a fact that is in fact right. isn't that what life is all about? >> they can google "red eye" and figure out it is not a show. >> we have to teak a break. we will talk about something, the joy of hate. autographed copy g if you haven't bought it you are probably a communist. >>> after sending 7 -- 17 years underground billions of loud and annoying insects are set to invade the east coast. one scientist has a solution, eat them. she looks like a bud and she calls them the shrimp of the land. >> i thought i was. >> noting they are high in protein and low in fat. the best time to snack on the bug eyed insects -- of course they are bug eyed. what would they be? when they emerge from the ground in the morning still soft and shedding their skin like yoga instructors. i don't eat anything with an exo skeleton. should we eat them if they are just like shrimp? >> i eat something without gluten. you become leery when people say it tastes just like -- my reg tear yen friends they tried that and it tastes like garbage. >> you ate a vegetarian friend? they are like wild gam.
there but it's hard to hear and if you google the pictures it's even more disturbing. they were born alive and he took scissors and snipped the back of their spinal cords. some of them described as near decapitation. babies eyewitness testimony were squirming, were breathing, were crying and not only did he snip heir spinal cords and murder them right on the table but he would make jokes about it he joked about one of the babies being so big he could have walk dr. gosnell across to the bus stop. he thought it was a laugh riot. today after the verdict his lawyer came out and said is he like anybody else. is he upset by the verdict. so this made him upset. but snipping the spines of children who were struggling for life on his operating table didn't upset him. >> bill: who was the main eyewitness that said all of this stuff in. >> clinic workers multiple eyewitness testimony those who surrounded him and hemmed him. >> bill: found guilty of marijuana slaughter in the death of a woman seeking abortion in his clinic. what did he do to her. >> he overdosed her with such sedatives and related med
me to tonight's number. one. she was google's number one trening topic today. the reason why? our second story "outfront." her big news. the mother of six broke the news double mastectomy in an op-ed piece in "the new york times" today. i woke up at 4:30 and one of the first things i saw. she wrote, quote, i carry a faulty gene which sharply increases my risk of developing ovarian and breast cancer. nancy brinker, survivor and ceo of komen for the cure, dr. lisa masterson and nancy gorman. you have a long family history of cancer. you shares your father's gene mutation and elected to have your uterus, ovaries and double mastectomy done and must have been an unbearable choice. >> it was, indeed, a really hard choice to make. those are what defines us as women in many ways. our breasts and our ovaries. my risk of cancer up to 87% of breast cancer and 67% of ovarian cancer and i didn't want to live with that fear or burden over my shoulder and made the choices to have the surgeries and i've never turned become and i have two young girls and i'm able to tell them that mommy's going to
is the answer. this chart posted by nate silver shows google searches for political new us around the low end of where they've been over the last nine years. i've talked to bloggers an the increde bable drop off and even heard cable news is experiencing something similar. pli scientist writes -- also found that media scandals are less likely to emerge as pressure from other news stories increases. in other words, when there's a lot going on in the news politically, scandals are unlikely, when there's not a lot of political news, well, you get the point. he adds obama is in his second term, which is when scandals are most likely to take place, so there you have it. republicans don't like the president. there's an empty news cycle. the president is in his second term. it is predetermined that reporting on an overblown scandal is what the media are going to be doing. these conditions don't excuse what the irs has done to tea party groups. these don't excuse the overreach. both of those stories should get the media's full attention and scrutiny. yet, now that we are dealing with an empty news sto
on the front porch. i will direct you to google, forget it, we blurred out the terrifying part. there he is, naked mayor on his front porch. anyway, when the candidate was asked why he was naked on the front porch, how that ended up happening, he told reporters at the time quote, i wish i recall, i wish i recall how i got back out there, but i don't. he admitted he had drunk between six and eight beers that night. six to eight beers, naked on the front porch, photograph, no idea how he got there. turns out that's good enough for jersey city. he won the election and has been the naked mayor of new jersey's second largest city since. this year his re-election fight so tough, so excruciating it caused the naked mayor to remember whole new things he never remembered about his naked night on the porch in 2004. in the last few days before the election, the naked mayor told a columnist for the new jersey star-ledger newly remembered details, rather than not remembering how he got out there, says he was lured outside at 3:00 a.m. by three hispanic girls, young kids, he said. so i go out on the porc
an hour to get out of tracy to dublin/pleasanton. you can track your ownfic at apple app and google play. >> south bay police are investigating a hotel mystery. the clues the investigators have uncovered after finding a woman's body inside a hotel room. >> video game fitness, "consumer reports" reveal whether the new games that have you get off the couch can really get you [ mom ] with my little girl, every food is finger food. so i can't afford to have germy surfaces. heet but a fresh sheet [ of bounty duratowele girl, every food is finger food. leaves this surface cleaner than a germy dishcloth. it's durable. and it's 3 times cleaner. so ditch your dishcloth and switch to new bounty duratowel. >> an honest admission by a giants pitcher who says he returned 500,000 to the team after he was accidentally paid teach money. the san francisco chronicle reports that he was set to earn $4 million in 2010 but the contract was mistakenly changed to say he was going to earn $4.5 million, an error. both signed the contract so he was entitled to the money. in the new book, he said he returned the $
in the city with our exclusive way traffic app. free on a el app store or from google play. check it out when you have time. >> it looks like yahoo could be in talk to buy the social networking web site tumbler. both all things d and ad week quote sources say the talk are sires. price tag may as high as 1 billion dollars. miss meier is trying to attract a younger hiper demographic for yahoo. >> wonderful news for former yahoo executive. 2 children murdered in new york last year. it has been nearly eight months now since the children of kevin and marina stabbed to death police say by the nanny. ortega was reportedly upset short on money and that the family asked her to do housework. she was fit to stand trial in april an faces two counts of murder now. today here's got news. kevin and marina announce they are expecting another child, baby boy, shared the news on facebook page set up in the memory of the 2 children who were killed. they write we are filled with many emotions as we look to the future. but the most important one is hope. they add the surviving daughter can't wait to welco
who use cell phones in movie theaters. you know where i stand on this. >> he was just googling. >> i am saying that's enough. >> i think corporal punishment is better. >> i'm fine with that. tara, you agreed that what kevin did wasn' right move and he should gotten security. he said his date talked to theater management and she was assured they would take care of the situation and they didn't. >> maybe they didn't get to it yet. kevin doesn't seem like the type that will wait for things to happen. >> but to be fair again, by his account, he didn't just do this. this is going on all through the first act and then during the intermission his date spoke to management. it is not like he sat down and within two minutes picked up her phone and threw it against a wall. this had been going on. >> i need to know what theater they are at. they crackdown hard on new york city. i had problems and i was looking ity time. >> knowing kevin we don't want to know what kind of theater was. >> that's why the key question. >> i was going to say -- he said it was bench seating. >> bench seating. >> you k
with waze at apple app and google play and everything is smooth on this friday morning elsewhere. >> it could be cheaper to buy a home than to rent depending where you are looking. >> some of the shine could be coming off the appleibl imagine. jane king is here to explain from the new york storm. jane? >> good morning, the poll says apple is losing their edge, 71 percent of those say they lost their cache as an innovator. they are down 40 percent from the all-time high. there is a slight upswing today and over all with the markets in the green. the silicon valley index is following suit. >> the robot of "star trek" will probable take in $112 million in the debut with an usually start in the theaters getting an advantage for the weekend box office. it opened a day earlier than originally planned in north america. >> as high as home prices are in the bay area it is keeper to rent than to boy if you stay put forren a average of three months in san francisco and san jose. that is if you take into consideration things like tax deduction and maintenance and upgrant fees and closing cos
on apple store or from google play. always exciting things with bay to breakers and things actually breaking live in the studio. what's the weather like for tomorrow for the race? >> really nice. the shot this morning showing just how beautiful it is across the bay with golden sunshine. we will get to this in a mommy. first live doppler 7hd. the fog is with us just for a short time this morning. we have warmer temperatures for some this weekend, but high fire danger for all. the temperatures today should be right around normal. so the warmup really not getting underway for most of you until tomorrow. if you like it really warm. mt. tam, see cloudiness here with numbers ranging from the upper 30s in napa. 54 oakland with the clouds. san francisco 50. partly sunny. san jose 48. 46 santa cruz and 52 half moon bay. but this is what we've been really oohing and owing about all morning long. the fog heading across the bay and temperatures on the cool side from santa rosa to napa. we're looking at this fog not lingering very long. but the onshore flow will so that's why temperatures will b
groups you can google and see right-click and i have no idea where they get money from. frankly that is not the tea party. those are people raising money for their own groups. it's a bunch of grassroots organizations in neighborhood and they don't get money. gop organizations that would like to bring them into a cross? >> guest: .i. know they get any super pack money. big national organizations have super packs are participating super packs. but they're just calling themselves tea party groups. they are not the tea party. the tea party as ordinary people living in your neighborhood. >> host: neck is regina and berkeley, california. >> caller: hi, how are you? i am enjoying your show. i wanted to -- ms. foley, some of the process that i've seen in my neighborhood appear to be angry, confrontational as well as angry. and i am wondering icy racist image as in their protests and i am wondering why that is. and a smile, i would like to know, i tried to understand their issues and what they're about and i think he gave an excellent explanation of that today. but why do they not -- do
and people feel like it's the next facebook or google of the health insurance of business from the federal government stand point. it's murky. my pint is all along, put exchanges place from a government standpoint, that's all fine, but here's a private sector entity who wants to work with the public sector to get people coverage, especially low income coverage at no costs. why wouldn't we do that? melissa: it's free because you get revenue from insurance companiethat sign up opposed to from the people that would be insure themselves. run through the criticisms to knock down. >> sure. kneel -- melissa: not everybody can afford a computer. >> they will have the same issue with government exchanges. people come to us, churches, community centers, schools, library, on and on, and, in fact, one of the important things that needs to happen here is we have to get young people covered because they are healthier and don't utilize to counterblansz peoplwho are frot as healthy. young people use mobile devic. 0% -- 20% of people have hand held devices. melissa: what's obvious why they don't like the
. let's look at some of those. we have macy's, starbucks, google and mastercard. they are all part of this today. we had banks looking very strong as well. bank of america, citigroup, goldman sachs, wells fargo, those names are all moving higher. analysts that we spoke with say there is no fundamental reason for today's move other than good old fashioned momentum. we are not going to say it was our interview. the market is too huge for that. let's get to our traders. let's find out, to what do we attribute such a strong game? the high is about 99 points to the upside. john. >> i think this kind of contributes to what we were thinking about last week. coming into this week, earning season is winding down. what was going to drive this market -- it is a headline market. no real headlines that are happening today, investors do not see the reason to hit the sell button. it tends to move higher and higher. it starts picking up steam. little by little, we are up 100 points. this is the same psyche we have seen over the last three or four months. i cannot pick out or anticipate a headline
? >> think bill. phones vsus androids, right? iphones is only happel hardware. google android is sort of on every type of hardware imaginable. so that is sort of open versus closed right there. melissa: which is better? >> ultimately open wins. technology indust has proven that time and time again. melissa: isn't closed more secure? isn't that one of t problems we're having right here? we were talking recently on the phone how andro phon getacked all the time and youan download apps that take over your phone and steal your contacts but it doesn't happen on apple. spencer, let me send this to you. maybe what you're really looking for here is security and maybe bloomberg doesn't offer that any longer. what do you think? >> bloomberg has a real problem here and if they're not caref it can really spiral out of control. goldman is kind of like maybe even a bigger vampire. the problem is because the last person you want seeing is goldman sing all your trades because they have had a long history of being accused of trading against their clients. so you know i think what you have toook at may
secret communications, procedures, create a google account, from that google account send this discrete google account and why would you carry that our person? some of this gear. a compass? in 2013 you need compass to get around moscow? an odd set of facts. you never know. i must say when they display this spy paraphernalia after the arrest how much is rest and the russians can put anything in that kit they want but this is a day when i'm sure cia officers are kind of going, my gosh, did we need this? no. >> pretty strange even for vladimir putin to so publicly shame like this and do it out in the open. >> especially at a time when the u.s. is trying, i almost want to say desperately, to get russian help in resolving a war in syria which is needed and we will just hope that this isn't derailed by what happened. >> if this guy is a cia agent we have to get more funding for the cia for the wig department. >> he could have been on way to a party in times square looking at that kit. >> david ignatius, thank you for joining us. mika's must read opinion pages are up next. you're watching "mor
. >> it would be nice if those women could get a break. >>> 21 minutes after the hour. is google taking on another tech giant? why it could be music to the ears of the serve engines fans. >>> how a group of teens became unlikely heros on prom night. that's coming up. you're watching "starting point." smoothes, lifts, defies? red jars are all the same right? wrong! you need three uses of a $15 cream to equal the moisturizing power of one use of regenerist microsculpting cream. seems not all red jars are created equal. olay regenerist. >>> welcome back to "starting point." i'm christine romans minding your business this morning. the european union economy shrinking with it back in recession compared to the united states where the economy is growing at 2.5%. looking at europe's two biggest economies, france is now in recession and germany avoided it. because the two power houses are struggling it's a sign the entire region may be stuck? a recessionary trend. here at home stocks are set for a flat open after closing at record highs yesterday. >>> developing this morning, only one american c
vegas court house today it is day to speak. add 915, has a google , with a music platform that squashes spotfy ? will explain in winners and losers with our financial expert rob black. and with just four days of the world like is the raise, we bring down the major changes in store for this year's bad records, that is coming up at 945. the kron 4 morning news will continue into minutes. hey, look!k! a a shooting s st! mamake a wish!h! i wish w we could lie e here forevever. i wish thihis test dririve w ov, so we e could headad back to thehe dealershihip. [ [ male annououncer ] it's p practicallyly yours. testst dri! bubut we stillll need your s signature.. vovolkswagen s sign then d dri. and d it's neverer been easisir to get a j jetta. that's t the power of german n engineerining. get $0 dowown, $0 due at t signing, $ $0 des, anand $0 firstst month's p pe visit t today versus beautyrest versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ti
is getting closer to colin for automatic braking systems >> both google and general motors have been testing technology to use non-mobiles. this is part of legal questions imacs at liability. at the national national highway safety administration, david strickland testified on the topic before the senate commerce science and transportation committee. this hearing is an hour and 15 minutes. >> no apologies, sir. this is your forum. john thune was on time. eastern south dakota and they've got good values. evidently today a couple of passed me right by. i apologize. the story of modern america would be difficult to tell without the automobile. i resent the model t. rolled off the assembly -- should be assembly line? you can't lock off an assembly. the car and its drivers have shaped our hiss or he, our than imagination. it was the automobile after all the brought forth detroit's rise but good-natured manufacturing to give americans a independenc. it changed quite that were their country's landscape in modern american culture. the automobile has been central to the story of america's innovation
will be getting the death penalty. and also on wednesday the google annual developer conference will be kicking off in san francisco. you've got hundreds of the world's top developers that will gather to share new products, games, apps that they'll be rolling out in the coming months. and then on thursday another hearing for robel philipos, he's one of the friends suspected of helping dzhokhar tsarnaev. he is now on house arrest. and saturday the preakness stakes, the colt who run the kentucky derby earlier this month will be going for the second leg in the coveted triple crown which no horse has won since 1978. and tomorrow marks the one week since the heroic escape from captivity of amanda berry, her daughter, gina dayjesus and michelle knight. the events in cleveland this past week have revealed an almost unimaginable crime perpetrated by an alleged monster who hid in plain sight for over a decade. we wanted to take a look back at how we got here. >> 9-1-1. >> help me. i'm amanda berry. i've been kidnapped and i've been missing for ten years and i'm here. i'm free now. >> the girl, amanda, t
, googling tea party or conservative or, you know, whatever the words were. the problem for the irs here and, quite frankly the problem for the administration that the irs has no friends on either side of the aisle. who is going to stand up there and defend the irs? >> in fact, speaking of having friends, dana baschuck, chief correspondent on capitol hill. >> reporter: that's right, jake. >> not that you don't have friends, you are certainly somewhere, if the irs had a friend with 535 members of congress, hopefully, one of them would be standing up to the irs. i suspect your inbox has not been enundated with the irs did the right thing e-mails, in fact, quite the opposite. we are now starting to hear democrats, too, criticizing the irs for its actions targeting conservative and tea party groups. >> that's exactly right. what we have seen with benghazi is mostly a republican investigation by a republican-led house. this just, gloria's point about the fact that the irs is not the most popular organization anywhere, but especially here with members of congress kind of falling all over themselve
, google, priceline, berkshire hathaway, starbucks, international flavors and fragrances, home depot, whirlpool, real brand names out there right now. what does that tell you about the message of the market here? >> i think individuals have been scared to death to buy stocks for the last two or three years. now they're getting scared that they're risk free investment doesn't have any return. by definition it's not risk free if you want to retire. i think people are being pushed toward stocks in much the same way they were pushed toward treasury bonds. >> they go to names they recognize? >> they're good companies, too. these are fwood, solid companies. they have a history of promoting the right people. good cash flow. all the sort of things people need if they're going to retire and fund a retirement the next 20 or 30 years. >> in many cases dividends. >> oh, by the way, yeah. >> thanks, everybody. really appreciate it. >> thank you. >>> want to get a check on what's holding back the market today with the dow down about 36 points right now. mary thompson on the floor of the nyse. >> t
... abandoned.. here... along mattole road. this is a google street view of where the truck was found.. as you can see this is a very rural area with rolling hills and thick's believed that miller grew up here and that he may have spent time in a nearby cabin. more than 70 law enforcement officers are now searching for the suspect in these hills and valleys. the rugged terrain, thick forests and limited access has made the search difficult. also, heavy coastal fog has blanketed the area in recent days, limiting visibility. authorities have also brought in a pair of helicopters and an armored vehicle to assist with the search. shane miller is believed to be armed. he is considered extremely dangerous. they also think that because he grew up nearby, he may be familiar with the terrain. local residents are being asked to report any unusual activity, to stay inside and lock their doors after dark. clifford kron 4 news. police in lake county need year-old girl who went missing over the weekend. mikaela lynch went missing yesterday -- mother's day -- from her home in clearlake. and lynch i
google or newly invigorated yahoo! should join for 20% of the float is bizarrely being shorted. go figure. all that i know is that the hoopla for "arrested development" will be so loud the shorts better hope it doesn't land on memorial day weekend, because if it does, more people will stay home to catch up on seasons, one, two and three, and watch season four of this cult cherished classic. maybe the big potential requires getting scared of the rally. at this time they should be scared of the competition netflix could offer as the stock goes higher and they could do a lot. here's the bottom line. five themes and a couple new ways to play them. housing, okay, i want you to put in for william lion. tomorrow night. oil, get in some high-needing ens co. airlines, stick with usairways. biotech, take down some quinn tiles. and cloud mobile theme. stick with netflix. themes that work, come rain or shine, even for those who have sold in may and gone astray. michelle in missouri. michelle! >> caller: hi, james! it's michelle from st. charles, missouri. >> whoa, man. one of my favorite towns. >> ca
at the intersection of oakland side and fair oaks. from the location from google maps it's across the street from fair oaks elementary school. this broke out in the last 20 minutes or so. these are our first live pictures from chopper 5. it looks like a two-story home. chp initially calling it some sort of apartment complex so it's obviously some sort of residential location. injuries, we're not sure. accuse, we're not sure. but again this is across the -- cause, we're not sure. but again this is across the streets from fair oaks elementary schools. we are following a couple of breaking news. that's one. if you are a caltrain rider, major delays. we are getting first reports of a train versus pedestrian accident. it's just north of the brain is station. it's closer to south san francisco. we just got confirmed with caltrain. it was southbound on tracks between linden and scott street. they have had to shut down trains in both directions. expect major delays. if you want to drive instead 101 looking good morning. they have nod established a bus bridge or anything like that. the investigation is continu
to stave off cancer. tuesday's hottest search on google was the angelina jolie news and the newspaper covers say it all. those words from jolie's other half, brad pitt. jolie's revelation has prompted my next guests to open up about their own experiences of undergoing a mastectomy. joining me now is allison gilbert. like angelina jolie, allison lost her mom to cancer in her 50s, tested positive for brca1 and like angelina jolie, she elected to undergo a double mastectomy. it's nice to have you here and we appreciate your honesty on this subject. in the op-ed, she say the decision to have this mastectomy wasn't easy, so walk us through what the emotional, the mental status is for a woman to elect to have that that of surgery on healthy breast tissue at the time. >> it's so loaded. there's nothing more personal. having to look to the world in how you perceive yourself, but i think the difficulty comes even before the operation. it's deciding what to do with that constant fear. my mom died of ovarian cancer, my grandmother had breast cancer and died, so i felt like there is a target on m
with another record on the dow and another record on the s & p 500. google shares are above 900 as they've launched the music thing. i don't know what it is. this guy probably knows. >>> i'm sure there must have been a good reason why only the two and from parts were -- >> yes, you didn't want us to see the detail. >> how does the president say with a straight face you americans should trust the government. >> i'm going to stop talking now. >> mr. chairman, would you inform the witness as to the rules of this committee. >> too consistent with the way in which you conduct yourself as a member of congress. it's unacceptable and it's shameful. >> my question, are you willing to release the e-mails? >> i forgot to comment to go under the second part. >> saying i can't comment has become the fifth amendment of politics for this administration. >> man oh, man, here we go
are the >>> go go google, it's one of the hottest blue chips of the year. should you own it? will it be the first tech company to hit $1,000 a share? >>> flying high. why airline stocks are taking off along with customer complaints. >>> and hitting the jackpot. powerball fever sprng
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